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Default Mustang Guys..refresh my aging memory

1992 Mustang 5.0 with AOD.

Car was sitting inside the garage for year and half.
Got it running on August 25th with fresh battery, runs great, drove around the block few times.

On August 28th, want to take to work with me, cranks / no start.

Today, I did quite few diagnosis, no sparks and no fuel.

By passed Fuel pump relay, I can hear pump running and got healthy fuel pressure, no I did not replaced fuel pump relay because something isn't kosher, because it is unrelated to no spark issue.

All the ground connections are inspected, cleaned and tested.
12 volt power on R/LG wire to ign coil.
12 volt power on Red wire on each injectors, IAC, TAB, TAD, and EGR solenoid.
12 volt power on R/LG wire to TFI module.
5 volt (reference voltage) to TPS, EGR, IAT and ECT.
at PCM 60 pin connector...
pin 1= 12volt all the time
pin 57 = 12 volt....KOEO
pin 37 = 12 volt....KOEO
pin 19 = 12 volt.....KOEO....this is power circuit from fuel pump relay.

Now, I know TFI or stator can cause no sparks but will it shut off fuel relay via PCM or did I really got bummed PCM?
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