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Default Vortech YS Trim pulley suggestion

I have been having problems trying to get my car running right with a new combo... Here is what I am running,, 363 dart block, 9.7:1 compression, FPS heads, Hooker 1 3/4 long tube headers into 3" exhaust, bullets and dumps, Victor 5.0 EFI intake, YS trim blower with custom air to water intercooler set up and a lighting mass air. I have the blower pulleyed at 2.75 upper and a 8" lower,, which will spin the blower to 65236.36 rpm at a 6500 rpm shift point. I am having major problems trying to tune the car, and I think I am pushing way too much air volume for the stock computer to handle (I have a Diablo Chip), the mass air is also going above 5V at 12psi of boost, it hit around 5.8v at 12lbs of boost at 4500 rpm. I am going to try to slow the blower down until I can afford a stand alone system that can handle more air volume and boost, I have a 2.95" pulley on hand that would spin the blower at 60813.56 rpm at 6500 shift point,, but I am thinking I may want to go with a larger upper say a 3.15 which would spin the blower to 56952.38 or a 3.33 which would spin it to 53873.87. I am trying to make it to Pinks on Aug 14th so I need to do this quickly and I am looking for a suggestion on what pulley would spin the blower at the best speed for my current set up. Keep in mind I am at 5800 ft above sea level,, so I produce about 2 lbs less boost up here. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks. Lee
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