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Default Re: 93 Fox single turbo...1st start up car is not running right

'stabbed the dizzy' ? I'm not hip enough probably. Set the timing to about 8 degrees before top dead center with the spout removed. Pulling the distributor out does nothing, setting the timing is how you set the relationship between the camshaft, distributor and rotor with terminal for #1. The only time you would need to remove the distributor and then reinstall it would be if you turn the distributor attempting to get it set at the proper timing, and you are unable to turn the distributor any farther. Then you would need to lift the distributor up move the gear either left or right a tooth or two and then reinstall it so that you can turn the distributor back and achieve the desired initial timing.
As for why it runs like crap, did you buy a maf that is calibrated for your injectors and an elbow? Have never seen a turbo kit that didn't have an elbow before the maf, even a foot away will still affect it in my experience.

Hope this helps and explains it a bit. Sounds like you could benefit from hanging out at a knowledgable speed shop.
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