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Default Big Stuff 3 cam crk adv and IAC questions

Got ignition and a IAC question,

I setup my cam sync distributor/crank trigger system. today I tested it out following the bs3 instructions. I had to adjust the crank reference down to 46 to get it to read with the timing light on the static test. I then did the BAL test and got the grey ball saying that the cam synch is firing before the crank. But looking at the dash it is saying the cam/crk adv is moving between 25-26, instead of what bs3 suggest of 11-20. How will this affect my tune and is it close enough or do I need to pull the distributor apart and move the reluctor? As well should I shoot for closer to 11 or closer to 20 when making the move.

My IAC I did confirm that it is working but I have run into a small issue when I free rev the engine up to 3000+ when the rpms start to come back down it will hang around 2000-1500 for anywhere between 10-15 seconds. Just wondering what I should look at in the tune. Thanks for all the help
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