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Default Lost ET & MPH-trouble shooting

Ok a run through, I average 6.7s @ 100-101mph in the 1/8 & a best of 6.61 in a 89 mustang 347efi with C4.
Well it has been sitting since 1st part of Oct 2010 due to some cancer issues.
During the down time I swapped my 75mm BBK throttle body for a 85mm Acafab throttle body & swapped my C&L 76mm mass-air for a 80mm (I wasnt inspecting to see much if any ET improvement but anyhow)
(Due to no air tap on the T-body I put a filter on the valve cover & the pvc still in the stock location for a temporary fix)
I also advanced my cam 2deg
(total 6deg)
(I also had to add 2lbs of fuel pressure that advancing the cam had dropped)
(Set my timing on 36deg locked)
Well I ran my car at the track last saturday & the car slowed to 7.0s @ 98mph on all passes.
(I tried raising fuel pressure & even bumped my timing to 38deg with no changes)

Well I went home & dropped the cam back at 2deg "total advance" (just to see)
(I had to reduce fuel pressure 4lbs)
(I figured every 2deg I moved the cam would move the fuel pressure 2lbs.)
Well I ran it tonight & the car ran the exact way 7.0s @ 98mph on all passes.

I had my camera in the car this time & the motor seemed to lag flashing up on my stall (5500)
(my 60s have been off these 2 track trips)
(my 60s where normally low 1.4s off idle of footbraking it to 3500rpm but they have dropped to high 1.4s to mid 1.5s)

I have noticed that I smell more gas out the exhaust also.
I checked my TPS & its set at 0.998 & 4.22 at WOT.
I had my timing at 36deg locked.

Anyone have any ideas on what has likely slowed my car?????

I still have the T-body & mass-air that I took off & figured Id put them back on to just see what it does before I put the cam back at 4 deg advance.

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