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Default SN95 No start

Car started and idled fine, just died a few times, no sputter just quickly died. She died this evening and wont fire back this time.
I have fuel pressure.
I took the tweecer off to take that out the equation.
i have/had spark, but it seemed weak and i swear i saw the tester bulb flash after i stopped cranking.
i tried making a noid light from a led out of a laptop charger, but i dont think its going to work.

i let it sit awhile and tried it again, still wont start. plugged in the factory coil and it fired up.
plugged tweecer back in and bolted the stock coil to the engine. now it still will not start again.
unplugged tweecer and still nada. swapped in the factory TFI, no dice.

i guess i will drop by radio shack tomorrow for a 12v led and test the injectors out. Injectors do have 12v.

the distributor is a napa/carquest reman.

If the pip goes out, there is no spark correct? Is it possible to have a wacky signal and show spark but not "correct" enough to make the engine run.

im going to read over your stickies to try and test the PIP before i pull the distributor out.


I verified spark and injector pulse, using the spark tester and an old injector while turning the distributor with ign. on.

Decided to run codes, i took a video and will count the flashes later.
I found with or without the piggy back tuner, the fuel pump will stay on majority of the time.

I took the tool to check codes and plugged it into the test port.
(which by the way was partially melted when i bought the car, along with the ccrm missing, and could tell it melted also.)

The fuel pump will run and shut off like it should during the tests and guess what, the car will start.

What would cause such a thing?


I found i have to turn the key on and off many times before i get a "good hit". The pump will stay running then finally one key turn it shuts off and begins pulling codes. the car will start then. may run for one min, maby 3min and then it dies out of the blue.
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