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Default Twin Turbo 351W/Fuel Pump ?

I'm building this thing to hopefully tap on the door of 700/750HP. Here's the deal. I'm gonna drive this car on the street some, and I don't wanna hear a vacuum cleaner running under my car for a fuel pump while driving hahaha.

So, here's my grand plan - tell me if I'm being retarded or if it'll work fine. I'm gonna put a walbro 255 in tank, and an Aeromotive A1000 inline. The A1000 will be attached to a hobbs switch, set for probably 4psi or so. That way, under normal driving I'm running only on the walbro, and under boost the A1000 will kick in (set to a low psi to account for lag). This accomplishes two goals:

1) Quiet operation while driving
2) I don't have to worry about burning up a $300 fuel pump just driving.

Think it'll work? I don't know what the reliability of a hobbs switch is. They're used for methanol injection and nitrous, so I'd have to think they're fairly reliable units. I know there's some sharp cookies on here. A little feedback would be appreciated!

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