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Default 364 YSI build. Compression??? ED? JAY?

....and anybody else that can help.

UORS and ORTC has opened up the rules and is allowing F-1c and YSI blowers this year to run against the Sb NO2 single plate guys. I have already decided to(and purchased) go with the YSI. I know you guys have alot of experience with renegade. From what I'm hearing some guys are running as low as 8.8: 1 compression and a few
( just happens to be the fastest one that I know of) are going as high as 12:1, running cams with a huge overlap and spinning the motor to 9000.I don't understand running that much compression, then bleeding it off. It's tough to get real info and some of these guys are gaurding there secrets better than KFC's secret recipe. Being new to FAST and the 7531 box(I have good help) I can see the tune is huge part of this, but I thought my tunning "window" would be bigger and a little more forgiving with lower compression.
With this class I'm not limited to piston, head, or cam specs. I've got most of my parts and am down to piston and cam. Both of you have the experience to put this combo together. I'm not looking for specs or secrets, just your general thoughts on which way to go on compression and the theory behind it to help me understand and make a decision. One of you will definitly get the cam and spring package. I need to get pistons ordered soon and get started on a cam.

Here are the "given" parts to the combo. They were chosen from what I already had and the few "deals" I've come across.

Dart sportsman 8.2 deck 4.125
Eagle 3.40 stroke internal balance
Eagle 5.40 H beam
Melling standard V&P pump
Canton 7qt with scraper
TEA 217 cc Highports 2.08/1.60 flow 305/235@600 309/240@700
Ported vic jr matched to heads( being converted to EFI)
Probe 1.6 shaft rockers
Crower hipo cutaway rollers
Precision elbow and Accufab 90mm
Procharger race blowoff
Bosch 160lb injectors
Weldon 2035 pump
Weldon 2040 reg
Spearco 1300 hp Air to water
MSD 7531
Glide 1.80 first
4.10 gear 1/8 th mile only
275/60 Hoosier DR

I still need new headers also. Will 1 7/8" be big enough or do I need to go with 2"or a step to 2".

Thanks everybody in advance for any help.
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