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Default EFI Heat Shut Off

I'm new to the forum and I have a problem I need help with.
I have a stock-block, 68' 302 Mustang that I converted to an 89' Ford Mustang EFI system about 15 years ago. I used the Ford electrical harness, computer and sensors. I used the Ford mass air sensor and a 65 mm Ford throttle body. I have 4 tube headers into 2-chamber Flow Master mufflers. For the first 10 years it ran good. Over the years I've changed the upper and lower manifolds to an extrude-honed 95'. I've upgraded to 24 lb injectors and a Diablo chip that was tuned on a chassis dyno (275 RWHP).
About 5 years ago the engine started intermittantly shutting down when the ambient temperature got over 100 degrees. I would let it cool off for a few minutes and it would start again and run fine. This would only happen when slowing on the freeway for slow traffic. As long as the traffic was moving, the car ran fine.
It has progressively gotten worse. It now happens when the ambient temperature is 70 degrees and the car has been driven a short while and then shut off. The starter cranks, but the engine won't start. The car has to cool off overnight and then it will start and run fine.
Troubleshooting indicates I have spark and my fuel pressure gauge indicates 38 psi. I have voltage on the injector supply line, but don't appear to be getting the ground pulse to open the injectors. I have replaced the ignition sensor and the computer with no effect.
I get error codes that don't make sense. They refer to smog sensors that aren't in the system.
I recently replaced the factory wiring with an 86-93 Painless harness with no effect. I have taken it in to several shops and no one has been able to solve the problem.
Has anyone experienced this problem? Any ideas on what it could be?
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