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Default Re: professional products powerjection III?

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"Dyno Results powerjection 3
Spent a day with a clever dyno tuner to see what was left to squeeze out of the powerjection 3 system.

The 306 is essentially a GT 40 FMS bottom end with TFS twisted wedge heads. 9.5 CR and stage 1 TFS cam. This was an inexpensive motor, assembled carefully from what was laying around the shop. It is a mild combination that is very effortless to drive.

Corrected at 15% for the 3550 Tremec and drive train and the fuel curves cranked into a real world street profile, the little ford made impressive power. This was done on a 400LB inertia wheel based dyno.

Peak Torque @ 4050 RPM- 370 ft lb.

Peak Horsepower @ 6250 RPM -368 HP.

The torque curve is more of a table that comes in at 2200 and slowly rises to its peak and then slowly descends. I think this is what a good soviet rototiller motor would look like on a dyno. Torque all over the tach. For a tiny displacement mill, I am impressed.

The dyno / tuner folks (Advanced Engine Development) spent the day on the system, along with myself to see how it compares to a Ford based sequential system( they have tuned and dyno's hundreds) and one of my well crafted carburetors. The system will best the sequential systems due to the intake manifold platform. I already knew that, but I did not know the specifics. They flat out said that for them to produce those numbers in a 306 with sequential injection, it takes some expensive heads and more RPM. It bests the carb by about 6- 8% at the top end. It beats the carb by a long shot regarding the flat torque curve and the thing is absolutely effortless to drive.

This tuner is home to the fastest Ford street cars in Nor-Cal. There are many 600+ rear tire HP 4 valve Mustangs in the shop and they have extensive, in-depth understanding of the sequential systems. They were impressed enough with this little 1500.00 speed density injection system to call several peers regarding its simplicity, tune-ability and seriously better than expected specific output numbers. Plus it has the weird factor of looking like a carb.

Incidentally. The on-board adaptive tune, had the system already operating within several percentage points of peak, except for the very top end. We extended the fuel maps from 4500-6500 RPM and that was about it. Very minor changes to AFR / delivery curve. I had been tweaking the curves as validated by my ear and butt dyno. A cave man could do it.

Im going to declare this a win. Simple. Effortless. Great power and cheap."
~ Panoz GT-RA #1
~ '92 Mustang Coupe: 347ci / Carb
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