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Default Stock 351w block and crank, turbo, 6 speed project

I figured I'd start a progress thread over here as the project is finally coming along. I've been on this forum for a little bit and have gotten some awesome information and it has greatly helped me choose my combination along with the help of Tony Bischoff at BES.

The car is a 1993 LX hatch that I got on my 16th birthday as a shell. My dad and I stripped the entire car, did the body work and he sprayed it. I picked up a set of 18x8.5/10 BBS RK wheels last week and threw them on. The car also has 4 wheel cobra disc brakes with 95 spindles, 93 cobra master cylinder, brembo slotted rotors front and rear, and maximum motorsports braided brake lines:

Several weeks ago, I picked up a Team Z k member kit off of Bob Kurgan. I'd never installed a k member kit before and the install was a breeze. I went with the strange coilovers, and a 14" 175lb front spring. It has Strange 10 way struts and shocks. I took a quick side by side comparison of the stock k member setup to the Team Z. Quite the difference:

Dave Z was a big help when I had some questions about installing the kit. Currently working on getting the steering shaft issue figured out and the front suspension will be mostly done.

The engine consists of a 1971 351w block with a stock crank. The pistons are dished TRW forged pieces and the rods are Eagle SIR I beams. I'll be running a custom ground cam spec'd by Bischoff. They're currently assembling the shortblock.

These showed up today actually:

They're TFS High Ports with Fox Lake 70cc chambers. Fresh from Trick Flow. They just had a valve job, new guides and new .600 lift springs.

Still need to find a set of 1.6 7/16" stud mount rockers.

I dropped them off today so they could be pressure checked and Bischoff also needed the heads to check all the clearances. Happened to be there today when they had a 605" motor on the engine dyno that put down 1115hp!!!! Tony said they gained 65hp with a different set of rockers!!!

My current goals are to get the engine in the car NA, and running on the stock ECU, MSD distributor and whatever injectors and meter that will be a good match for the motor NA. I haven't done anything like this before and in fact, the fastest I've ever been is a 13.89 at 101 in this car back when it was on the stock motor and bolt ons. I'll add the AEM EMS and the turbo stuff down the road once I get used to the new setup, even though I know it's not going to be that strong with the low compression.

The rear end is the stock 8.8 and stock diff with 3.73 gears, that will be swapped back out for the 3.27's once the turbo goes on. It's also got 28 spline Moser c clip axles.

The rest of the combo is going to include:
-Trick Flow Box intake
-90mm Accufab TB
-AEM EMS with the EPM and LQ9 coilpacks
-Glenns performance sleeper fuel system and 160lb injectors for some E85
-T-56 6 speed trans with 26 spline input and .50 6th gear
-Quicktime bellhousing, undecided yet on clutch, fidanza aluminum flywheel, MGW shifter
-MM subframe connectors, MM weight jacker lowers, Team Z uppers
-Custom turbo kit by a local guy
-Undecided on the actual turbo yet

Still have a lot of work to go, but I'm gonna keep movin' as the budget allows. Still not sure yet if the engine is going to clear the hood.... We'll find out!
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