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Default Re: DIY Alignment

Originally Posted by David Schwarz View Post
I still don't get this part Jason. If the camber is greater on the passenger side, won't that side be a bit lower and tend to steer the car to the right? I only ask because I had more camber on the driver's side, and the car pushed to the left. Obviously, I haven't grasped this part yet.

Of course, with 3/4" toe-in, there was already trouble in Houston
David- As Jason said the cross-camber is generally what will cause the vehicle to pull one way or the other (from an alignment point of view). As long as the camber is the same on both sides, any "camber thrust" type forces should cancel each other out...unless of course you hit a bump or something with only one side of the vehicle giving that tire more load. I believe newer vehicle alignment specs sometimes specify a slight amount of cross-camber to off-set the crown built into most roads. As far as how the camber effects steering pull, I think the easiest way to visualize/remember is to relate it to how motorcycles react to leaning. Whichever way the tire is leaned is the direction it will try to go, even if you try to steer straight.

I can't believe your toe was off that much! That could cause all kinds of strange handling behaviors. Whichever tire has more load at any given time could cause the vehicle to go the direction that tire is pointing. Perhaps your passenger front tire has more load on it when you are dynamically going down the track (engine torque loading?) and the toe-in was causing it to push to the left? Again, as Jason said many different things could cause a pull also, rollout, uneven tire pressure, uneven brake drag, etc..

What did you use for turn plates? Keep in mind that with all the raising and lowering you did the tires have to be able to move freely or you will not get true readings (short of jouncing the vehicle and rolling it backwards and forwards each time to get everything in a free state).

Jason- Any good laymen term explanations for the SAI measurement?

botietr- I'm surprised you recommend using the rockers as reference points. Wouldn't that be squaring things to the body then, and not the actual chassis? I've pondered this many times and it is difficult [for me] to determine what the proper reference points are. Even trying to level the car side to side is difficult as the ground to "reference point" measurements are totally different on my car from left to right depending on what reference point I use. The front lca bolts may show the left side is higher 1/16", all the while the rocker may be showing the right side is higher by 1/8". The fender, mirror, unibody "mini-frame", k-member attachment points; all show different sides are higher by varying amounts on my car! I have read that the factory robot's "fingers" uses special holes around the body that they are good points to reference from?

almoncol- What does your shop use as the proper reference points on a foxbody, or where specifically do all the gauges attach to?

This is an interesting post about squaring:


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